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Methodist Acs

My School My Pride My Joy


EX-CO MEMBERS 2009 - 2011

President : Ms. R. Rebecca Backus

Vice-President (1) : Mdm. Felicia Liew

Vice-President (2) : Mr. Foo Chee Keong

Hon. Secretary : Mdm. Choong Ngat Min

Hon. Treasurer : Mdm. Terry Leong

Hon. Legal Advisor : Mr. David Lingam



Mr. Choo Kim Hoe, Mr. Ong Seng Kee, Mdm. Liew Kim Tai,

Ms. Ong May Lyn, Mr. Peter Lingam





Secretary's Annual Report for Year 2009/2010

Written by Mdm. Choong Nyat Min


First BGM (Biennual General Meeting) of ACSOSA Seremban was held on 11 April 2009 at SMK Methodist (ACS).


A total of RM3000 was awarded to excellent secondary students of 2008 and deserving students of 2009. RM2205 was also given for needy pupils of 2010 and another RM2000 financial assistance for Primary School. ACSOSA also sponsored prizes for the ACSS 2009 talentime.


ACSOSA office was discovered broken-into by thieves on 21 June 2009, unfortunately the case remains unsolved.   


ACSOSA was invited to attend a gathering of representatives from Methodist Schools Alumni from all over Malaysia to form a Methodist School Alumni at national level. The gathering took place on 29 May 2009 at Methodist College KL. Mr. Choo Kim Hoe and Mr. Foo Chee Keong represented ACSOSA Seremban. ACSOSA also attended the Paulian and Georgian Old Students Dinner.


In Recognition

Written by Mr. Choo Kim Hoe


Still remeber that fateful day in the late 1990's that a few of my classmates and myself atteded the ACSOSA AGM to revive the association. A new committee was form ably lead by Mr. Allan Khoo, many proposals dan ideas were put forward to put our association on a stronger footing where past students can reconnect with their long lost classmates and friends. It is also an avenue for those who are successful to contribute to their alma-mater. To date it is with pride that we have achieved the followings,

a)  Raised RM65000 to buy our own Association building.   

b)  Have held our yearly annual dinner continuously every year without fail.

c)  Giving monetary awards to outstanding students of ACS.

d)  Buying breakfast and lunch for poor and needy students of ACS.

e)  Giving monetary donations to ACS Primary and Secondary schools in support of their activities.


To make all these things possible our alumni are grateful for the generous monetary support of many members who donate every year without fail. On this score, the Committee for this year has decided that we need to let all the alma-maters recognise and appreciate the contribution of our present President, Ms. Rebecca Backus and Vice President I, Ms. Felicia for their many years of continuous dedicated service. They are the two main pillars. The committee has agreed that it is only right that the Association gives them a small token in appreciation and recognition for their invaluable services.


Honorary Life Member - Ms. Rosebud Rebecca Backus

Written by Mr. Peter Lingam


Rebecca graduated from Anglo Chinese Secondary School in the year 1961. She has been involved with our ACSOSA activities on and off since the 1980's. Rebecca made a comeback and became a committee member in the 1990's when we tired to revive the old student's association, a new committee was formed to carry out the task of bringing changes to the association, ideas and hopeswere voiced out by the old students on the floor, challenges were made and the new committee took up the challenge.


A new President, Mr. Ong Eng Siong was elected and Rebecca was made Secretary, there after Treasurer, then Vice-President. As President, she has been holding the presidency post to date. Our next election year will be 2011 and this will be her 7th year as President.


Since the revival of the new committee our annual dinner attendence has never wavered, over-whelming support from the old students, past presidents and the school heads co-operated very well with us.


We started giving out financial aids to needy and deserving students. We also recognized and awarded outstanding students every year at our dinners and since increased the financial awards and also the numbers of recipients. Our financial aids have now also been extended to the primary school pupils as well. All these have been made possible because of a new benevolent donors who are products of our school. Championing the needy and deserving students is somethings very close to Rebecca's heart.


Our president is a very hard working member who always the first person to go out and campaign for donations for needy pupils. ACSOSA annual dinners is always a top priority on her to do lists and she sells the most number of tables every year without fail, for without her enthusiams and positive spirits our dinners will surely not be the same. She methodically keeps a record of all her supporters and never fails to keep them informed of our old students activities.  


Rebecca's contribution to making our annual dinners a big success is due to her sacrifice and selfless act. She is the key person who binds the committee together and her sincerity and out spokeness always brings out a lot of laughter during our meetings. She is a Gem to our ACSOSA and we all get along fabulously with her no frills attitude.  She also dutifully attends all the official functions in her capacity as president. Rebecca also serves in many other voluntary bodies. We salute you! Rebecca... God bless you! 


Honorary Life Member - Mrs. Felicia Chong

Written by Mr. John Chang


Felicia Liew Nyuk Yin better known as "Felicia" has been with the ACSOSA from the mid 80's. Today, she is still serving and is just as enthusiatic in organizing and gathering the ACSians together for reunion dinners, mountain climbing, games and attending school functions and dinners. She is the live wire of her class - The Class of 74. She has never left them inspite of being a business woman, a busy wife, doting mother and now a mother-in-law. This shows that she is an expert in Time Management.


Her dedication and commitment to the ACSOSA is exemplary. She started as Assistant Secretary to Billy Han in 1985 when Mrs. Chan Soo was President. The ACSOSA building was bought with the money raised through fund raising, donations and golf tournaments. She was then the Vice President when Mr. Ong Eng Siong was President and through his able leadership the money was raised and the building purchased.


What a climb up the ladder - she became President and served that post for 3 years. During her term as President, a record breaking reunion dinner was held with many old students from abroad came back to give their support.


Felicia is the same yesterday, today and will always be as she is - loyal, faithful, bubbly and excited at the mention of Reunion Dinners. She is always supportive, a source of encouragement and a committed worker and gives her very best towards the association. She is still in love with her school, her school friends, the ACSOSA and her members. Her heart misses a beat when one mentions the word "Old Boys Association" as it was originally called.


A Report On The Formation Of Methodist Schools Confederation

Written by Mr. Francis Foo Chee Kheong


On 29th May 2010, we attended the 1st gathering first of its kind the Inaugural Meeting of all the Alumni to form a Confederation of all ACS and Methodist in Malaysia, just like the Iasallians did 30 years ago. This group then spelt out our common objectives and possible projects.


Imagine if 5000 alumni pay RM10 a year as subscription then we collect a million dollars. For good cause we can use it to help needy children, busfare, breakfast, read and write programme and scholarships. There must be a dialogue among all our old schools. Almost all major towns whether in Penang, Malacca, Taiping and Ipoh has a ACS/Methodist school, first started by missionaries in Penang in 1891. There are now 125 such schools all over Malaysia and Singapore and many of them are over 100 years old.


Hundreds of thousands of boys and girls have benefitted from the traditions of ACS/Methodist schools to build the character of what we are today.


We all now look forward to workingt together with the confederation. On 23rd July 2010, the Inter-Methodist Alumni held a golf and dinner at Glenmarie Golf and Country Club. It is our sincere wish the confederation will evolve into a very successful committee, Bridging Methodist Alumni..  


A Letter From The School

Written by Mdm. Choo Pei Huey, School Counselor


Let me begins with my heartiest congratulations to the committee of Old Students' Association of SMK Methodist (ACS) Seremban for organizing the 64th anniversary dinner.


On behalf of the counselling unit of SMK Methodist (ACS) Seremban, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to OSA for their kind support and contributions to the school. Every year, our needy and deserving students receive financial  rewards from OSA. Apart from that, the OSA also awards our students in various categories such as best PMR results, best SPM results for both the Science and Arts stream, top sportperson and best all-rounder student.


For this year, we have started our food programme for the needy students to have their meal in the school canteen, once again, the OSA has given us their support for 15 students.


Lastly, I would like to wish all the ACSians the best and may you all be well and happy always.


Annual Reunion Dinner

64th Annual Reunion Dinner was recently held at the Regent Restaurant on 7th August 2010 (Saturday) 7.00 p.m. Here's the event highlight;

Master of ceremony - Mr. Peter Lingam 

Updating of Membership register

A welcome speech by President of ACSOSA, Ms. Rosebud Rebecca Backus

School Rally - A.C.S. School Song

Toast to our Alma Mater 95th Anniversary

A video presentation

Acknowledgement of Mr. Logendran's "Datukship"

Lucky/Table draws and main "Raffles" draws

Music and Dancing, Band in attendance - D'Reflections